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7 Kids, 1st MRI - Skeins Her Way

7 Kids, 1st MRI

by Ali on July 9, 2009

Last summer, when there were still only six of them, we had our first CT scan; you may remember the bike meets toddler face incident…

Last fall, our 9 yr old son took a fall in the backyard playing soccer. Kids fall. Kids get hurt. Kids get better. We rub off minor aches and pains and get back to the living part of life. He said his wrist hurt, it wasn’t bruised or swollen, so we told him to ice it a bit and then take it easy. Every few weeks he’d do something that would make it hurt; he’d complain, rub on it, ice it sometimes, and then get on with life, not mentioning it again for several more weeks. Well, a few rounds of several weeks translates into months later- more complaining, and “Mom, it hurts more than ever.” Hmmm, not good.
To the doc’s we went. They x-rayed, thinking he perhaps had a tiny break in one of the many little bones in the wrist, which can go unnoticed and not really heal right… but nope, his bones are in great shape. So next it was the non-surgical orthopedist, yikes. He palpated and palpated, and twisted and flexed, and lo, and behold, there was a bulge, a bulge we’d never seen before, and bingo, when the doc pressed there, it hurt something fierce.

Soft tissues don’t show up on x-rays, so this kid, newly 10 yrs old, will be our first child to get an MRI. Golly, if we didn’t meet this year’s deductible with the 6 yr old’s 3 nights in the hospital last week, surely this should put us over the top!

So far, this year’s July has been all about doctor visits, with appointments each week for the next 3 weeks as well. I wanted to be sure to get out of the house this summer (intentional living!), but this isn’t what I had in mind!. I definitely need more mostly mindless travel knitting;
must pack a good bag!
I managed to get 3 washcloths done during hospital duty last week, so I’m pretty good in that department for now- and I get to cross that one off of my summer knitting goals list! Woohoo! I’m thinking a baby pullover and maybe some baby and kid socks should travel well… what do you usually knit in waiting rooms?
Gotta go process some strawberries… :-)

Happy knitting-
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