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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun Being Pregnant :-)

February 20, 2011 Uncategorized

Oi.  I keep thinking I’m ready with some more crafty blogging goodness, and then life just keeps getting in the way.  Imagine that. Let’s see, where did we leave off?  28 weeks along… And I’m 35 weeks today.  (Um, ok, that was on Friday, when I started typing this, I am not off to a great […]

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A Pregnancy Update- 28 Weeks

January 4, 2011 Uncategorized

*cross-posted from http://www.anordinarymom.com/ This pregnancy is flying by, really, like an F-16.  My boys tell me they’re fast The last many weeks have been pretty easy, other than facing the fact that I’m gaining more weight, earlier, than in any of my previous pregnancies.  My out-of-control carb cravings (and subsequent giving in to said cravings […]

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Friday Faves

December 3, 2010 Friday Faves

One of the (many) dangers in discovering more and more of the crafty inspiration goodness that is to be found all across the intertubes (it’s far too easy these days, isn’t it? I mean I can shop a world-wide crafty market without ever leaving my home, or my room, or even my bed, not that […]

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Saturday Snapshots

November 5, 2010 Saturday Snapshots

An entire Purl Dot post coming soon…!  For now, enjoy these peaks… Um, yeah, totally wishing that was actually my studio… Ok, totally wishing I had a studio… My beautiful and talented sister hosted our 1st monthly Designer’s Workshop! And we actually got some things done! (You know, besides drinking coffee and devouring brownies and […]

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Saturday Snapshots

October 29, 2010 Saturday Snapshots

Knit, knit, knittin’ away… 1 sleeve to go!  

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Out of My Box

October 26, 2010 Uncategorized

This past weekend, I did something that was not so ordinary, at least, not for me.  In fact, it was rather extraordinary. I took a little trip.  Without my family.  I know…  It was good, so good, soul-stirring good.  It was scary and it was freeing.  It was hard and it was healing.  It was […]

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Wordless Wednesday

September 29, 2010 Wordless Wednesday
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Another Use For My Favorite Yarn

August 12, 2010 Uncategorized

It’s no secret that I love me some Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes. Love, love, LOVE it. (Don’t have some? Get some!) It just so happens to be the perfect yarn for one of our latest summer projects Giant bubbles need a Giant Bubble Wand!  These are so quick and easy to make that […]

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Ultrasound News

August 2, 2010 Uncategorized

In case you missed it… We have a heartbeat! Just one. We, and by we I mean I, also have what the radiologist called “debris” and what he said could have been a twin… We’ve heard “possible vanishing twin” before.  It seems that more often than not my body has released 2 eggs.  Twice I’ve […]

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Saturday Snapshots

July 31, 2010 Saturday Snapshots

I do hope you’re enjoying your summer! Happy knitting- ali

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